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Cool cabin in Bohemian Switzerland Nationalpark: U Fořta

When we visited Bohemian Switzerland Nationalpark our goal was to hike and explore the beautiful Czech nature, which we knew so little about! That’s why we decided not to live in the small and cute city Hrensko. After a quick search on booking.com we found a cool little cabin at a hotel called U Fořta outside of the city, but right next to the hiking trails we would be heading for.
For your information accomodation on the Czech side of the nationalpark is much cheaper than the German side called Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark.

Cabin at U Fořta

U Fořta is right in the middle of the nationalpark and has both a hotel and cabins for you to book. Dogs are only allowed in the cabins, but that suited me just fine, because it had it’s own entrance and a nice little terrace. I have to admit, that I partly booked the cabin, because of it’s looks! I’m a sucker for cute little wooden cabins and this one just spoke to my heart. The fact that the hiking trails was right outside the door, was also a great reason for me to choose this place.

We arrived at the reception – oh well, reception might not be the right word for it, because it was quite messy – but that didn’t matter! The girl sitting behind the counter was sweet and she could talk english! You really can’t expect everyone to be able to speak english, when you are visiting the Czech countryside. We got the keys for our cabin and was thrilled to find out, that we got the one closest to the forest and with no 1st floor. The other cabins had a 1st floor with others living there. Our dogs have a tendency to bark at small noices (those of you who live with a Coton De Tulear, will know what I mean) so this meant no barking!

Inside the cabin it was quite basic. A bed, a tv and a bathroom. No kitchen (or coffee!) facilities. But if you get hungry they have a restaurant. The cabin has a terrace with chairs and a table. If you get a room on the 1st floor you will have a balcony.

They are building another hotel right behind the cabins, which might be noisy for some of the cabins, but we didn’t hear anything.

These three small photo are from Booking.com

Czech cuisine at U Fořta

We got hungry! We tried out the restaurant. We had read some reviews on Tripadvisor, which stated that this place was actually really good! Hungry and expectant we sat down and waited for our dinner. We ordered traditional Czech cuisine from the card with both Czhech and international dishes. It’s a meal we won’t forget. A lot of gravy and a lot of bread. But hey! We got our stomaches to stop growling, but I must admit the food was not the best, we have tried. We finished of with a great cup of coffee and sinful chocolate cake.
Dogs are allowed both inside and outside the restaurant. Becca and Amigo were both really tired from our long hike, so they got a long nice nap in the cabin, while we eat.


I will recommend this place if you are visiting Bohemian Switzerland Nationalpark and want to live close to the hiking trails. It’s perfect for getting up early, head out on a lovely hike and come home and enjoy the terrace with a book. We stayed here for two nights and that was perfect for us. If you are doing a longer hike you might consider this place for a single night and move a long the next day.

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